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Happy two days and one night Trip to Qingyuan in 2015
Date:2015-06-19Onclick:529 4166澳门金沙网娱乐

Happy two days and one night Trip to Qingyuan in 2015

To thank the staffs hard work, Sopooda company organized two days and one night happy trip to Qingyuan tourist view on June 13th and 14th. In 13th early morning, every division got together on time quickly at downstair of company building, after finished counting team members by each division leader, we get on by bus and go-off pleasantly. During 3-hours-journey,we were very happy to sing and do some mini games like talent show and idioms solitaires.Unknowingly we are arrived the scenic tourist resorts in Qingyuan.  

  “Huangtengxia Warrior Drifting” is a challenging and necessarily project to every one arriving in Qingyuan, Let’s enjoy the wonderful pictures under the lens.

When bright sun smiling and say goodbye to people, follow up the beauty guide, we all got together in the picnic place. Each group got their food materials and then started working in their own responsibilities such as washing, lighting fire, cutting, cooking, all of us were busy but organized. As the smoke from the chimney, delicious smell filled with our nostrils, finished dishes came one by one, fried meat, sauce fish, egg tomato soup etc, what a fancy dinner.

After breakfast the next day, we visited Niu yu zui park and Fei lai hu wetland park in Qingyuan.

Through this happy and relaxed tow-days trip, we are in a relaxed environment to narrow the distance between each other. Even more, it makes Sopooda big family becomes much warmer and more harmonious. All staffs would like devoting themselves into their work in a full enthusiasm and let’s look forward to the next exciting trip.